About – Features

Book Haul features have a lot of pictures and information about the books that I purchase, or get from the library! These usually include a little bit about my trip to the bookshop and some reasons that I purchased or borrowed the books that I have. These are my favourite types of features to write because it means that I’ve just got new books!

So every month I intend to do a brief, monthly wrap up of all the books I have finished. Every book I read will get a Goodreads review, but not every book will have a full review on my blog. In my monthly wrap up, I’ll briefly touch on each of the books that I’ve read this month, stating any good or bad parts, and I’ll recap on anything bookish which happened in the month, if it was really interesting, it will have had its own post.

Throughout the year I will be participating in different readathons. I will usually live tweet these readathons @AfternoonLit, and I will take pictures throughout. Once the readathon is concluded, I will be creating a wrap-up feature about the readathon and how it went!

To Be Read features list all the items that I want to read either in the coming month or for a particular project. I have a To Be Read master list which is frequently updated on a separate page, but these are smaller and more specific lists that are put up either monthly, or at the beginning of the project (for example, a readathon!).

updateUpdate posts will focus on addressing the reading challenges and other bookish related tasks and challenges I have set myself throughout the year. I will discuss whether I have met these, am working towards these, or whether these have been left behind.

booktalkBook talk posts will differ from reviews in that they will be in a lot more detail about the particular books that I have chosen, or about literary things to do with that book or author. It is a chance or me to focus on a particular book and look at it in depth. Some of these posts will be a personal response to the book itself, but in a way that I don’t feel fits into a normal review, while other posts will take the form of a more academic essay on this book.

 literarylifeThese are lifestyle posts about all the bookish things that I do on a day to day,  weekly, or ad hoc basis. Find things about literary events, trips to bookstores and libraries, book club posts, and more all in this section.

WritingA place to put posts discussing I my personal creative writing. Anytime I am working on my own fiction, and want to discuss my process or progress, it will be put into a writing post.

ReviewReviews should be the staple of my book blog. These will predominately be reviews of books that I have read and feel warrant a solid, long form review for your information. Every book I read gets a mini-review on Goodreads, but these reviews are in more detail  with specific formatting to help you see how I read, what I like and dislike, and why.    I  will also be starting to review movies and TV adaptations of novels, but every review will be based on something that was once a published novel.

researchA series of posts that will discuss my own academic research. I research popular literature, young adult literature, and fandoms. I discuss these topics at conferences or publish papers and book chapters about these and I really enjoy doing so. I don’t do it very often so these posts will be rarer, but I’ll add some information when I am in the middle of completing my own research!

discussionDiscussions differ from Book Talk posts as these will focus on a topic, rather than on one specific book. A good way to tell the difference is if I’m talking about Wuthering Heights then I will make a Book Talk post, but if I’m talking about representations of Victorian Women then I will make a Discussion post and will talk about a variety of novels.