24 in 48 Readathon!

With my summer holiday finally underway, I have been able to really start enjoying some books and getting involved in readathons! Which is lucky, because it was just in time for the 24 in 48 readathon. The aim of this readathon is to complete 24 hours of reading over a 48 hour period. I have tried to complete this before, but the first time I tried it was in the middle of work and I only managed to achieve 6 hours. While I was aiming for 24 hours, anything about 6 would be an achievement!



I was supposed to wake up much earlier than this, but I totally only managed to wake up at 5.10. The readathon started at 5. My eyes are still too asleep to read, so I decided just to complete the intro survey and follow along on twitter while I drank my tea. Wayne looked far too peaceful so I couldn’t face the idea of waking him back up.




Wayne finally woke up! And I (after another short nap) managed to read for 2 hours at this point. However, we decided we were desperately in need of some sustenance before beginning the readathon. The original plan was just to head out and get coffee, but since it was already halfway through the day, and I had no plans to interrupt reading to cook, we also got sweet potato fries and churros!


I also accidentally reset my timer! Oops.

After that, we finally made our way to the coffee shop, settled with a cup of coffee each and opened our first books – State of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury for Wayne and The Wicked Cometh for me. I honestly just wanted to get The Wicked Cometh completed. I had been hoping that it would be a really good read, but I really didn’t enjoy it. It reminded me of Hunting Prince Dracula, but it just wasn’t as good. I was desperate to start The City of Brass, as I was sure it would be a five star read for me.



Back home now and we have finally settled down to read again. I had finally started The City of Brass and we have been both adoring our books so far.  We dedicated a few more hours to reading them because we just wanted to know what happened! No breaks yet!


Reading break time! I needed some tea and toast, and Wayne just wanted to do something else for a little. So we took a break for an hour while I watched some booktube. So far reading has been really fun and we’re definitely enjoying the books that we have. At this point, I had read for a total of 8 hours and Wayne had read for 5 hours.

IMG_6036After a couple more hours of reading, we decided that we needed to get some sleep because we really wanted to do more of the readathon the next day. By the end of the day, I had read for a total of 10.5 hours and Wayne is finishing at 7.5 hours for today!


I woke up, but Wayne is still sleeping. My eyes are hurting and I had a headache, so I decided to listen to part of an audiobook – To All The Boys I’ve loved Before – and lay back down until I felt ready to get started.


Finally woke up, though I still wasn’t feeling great. But we really wanted to finish our books, so we settled in for the long hall and got reading!

We settled down for the rest of the afternoon and pretty much silently read through until we had both completed our books. I am really happy to say that both of these were 5-star reads and we could not stop gushing after these!

So, for Wayne and I, we decided to end the readathon here. At this point, I had read for 17.5 hours and Wayne had read for 12 hours. This wasn’t the 24-hour goal, but it was so much better than we had done before and better than expected. I was really happy to finish The City of Brass in the day and since we are continuing with the 7 in 7 readathon, we felt that we should just rest our eyes and get some sleep!

Happy Reading!