NaNoWriMo – Halfway Point!

Day One: 594.

I managed to write 600 words. Not a fantastic start, but at least I did something!  I thought of the beginning while I was swimming, and it sounded perfect, but while writing the first scene, I think there is just some aspect missing. Going to leave it for now though, that is what editing is for.

Day Two: 594

I decided to do blog things and reading to do, which meant that I put NaNoWriMo in the background for the day. I expected to get somewhere with it later on in the evening, but never actually managed to pick it up.

Day Three: 594

Out with my mother and sister today, which meant that no writing could happen. Especially when I got home to watch Blizzcon.

Day Four:  594

Blizzcon again, and I could not be bothered typing on my iPad, so couldn’t get anything done. I did find the prologue I originally wrote this story, as well as some background research so I will consider using that with NaNoWriMo this year, but no progress otherwise.

Day Five:  594

Wayne’s birthday today and his Dad and Uncle are coming to visit my family for the first time. NaNoWriMo necessarily is taking a back seat.

Day Six:  594

UGH! I feel so awful. Like I might die. Someone please bring me water and turn off the world.

Day Seven:  594

Technically I should feel better today, but my brain still just feels fried. I’ve done some reading and some general catching up on stuff, but I’m officially restarting NaNoWriMo tomorrow and hoping that it works out for me somehow…

Day Eight: 594

Today was all about catching up and getting further in NaNoWriMo. I did none of it. Damn it. I seriously need to catch up or I have no chance of getting anywhere near the finish line this year, again.

Day Nine: 594

I did nothing. I mean, I really meant to catch up but I did nothing. All I want to do at the moment is read books, rather than write them. Which really is not good for me because I needed to get through this.

Day Ten: 594


Day Eleven: 2285

Fantastic writing day. I took myself out to the café, stuck my headphones in, and then actually got some writing down.

Day Twelve: 2285

I really wish that I actually liked my idea. I’m just stuck and don’t really like the words that I’ve written at all. All I can think about is writing this in a completely different way, and perhaps this is because of the books I am reading influencing me, or perhaps this is because I just am not supposed to be writing this book?

Day Fifteen:  2285

I’ve had this idea for about 4 years. Technically, it is a fully formed idea that I really enjoy, and that I think could be fantastic, but I’m not certain that I’m ultimately the person to write it. I haven’t been writing for a couple of years, so I think at this point I may not actually go full tilt at this novel, and instead, I may write some short stories and just start to get back into my stride. I am spending the whole day in my office tomorrow, so I think it’s time to dedicate myself to writing!