The TBR – Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon!

I am all prepared for my first Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon! Or at least I feel prepared, I think? Wayne has to have a work meeting for a couple of hours first, so he’s making me wait for him to return home before I start reading anything from our physical book pile, but I’m starting off with the audiobook for -The School for Good and Evil – while I wait and get some of the other things done.

But I finally have my TBR pile, and I am excited! This is an ambitious shared TBR for me and Wayne, so I am sure we won’t get through all of them, but at least we’ll have some choice.

IMG_2277The Diviners – Libba Bray

This is what I’m looking forward to most. I love The Great Gatsby, and other jazz-age stories, so the idea of a period mystery sounds fantastic. This has made me really excited, and I’m expecting a top read… please don’t disappoint me…

Hallowe’en Party – Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is the queen of mystery and I find her reads fun, easy and a great puzzle. Poirot is my favourite, and I have never read Hallowe’en Party, so this seems like the perfect read. Also, that orange cover…Right?

Post Mortem – Patricia Cornwell

Police procedurals and forensic mysteries are one of the types of detective fiction that I adore. I do not remember ever having read a single Patricia Cornwell, but this book feels like it has been read? The spine is folded…. Who knows! I’ve put it on the list, and if it turns out to be a reread, then I hope it is more memorable this time.

The Limehouse Golem – Peter Ackroyd

This is about to become a movie, and I love to read the book before I watch. I tend to think it adds something to the adaptation. This is only a short novel, set in the Victorian period, just before the Jack the Ripper murders. It sounded dark, atmospheric and fun to read. Wayne picked this, but we both agreed that it would be good.

Right Behind You – Lisa Gardner

This has a really high rating on Goodreads, and I’m sure that it will make a good thriller. I tend to find that thrillers are longer, but the pace means that you actually read them quicker, and although the readathon isn’t actually themed, we’ve tried to go for books that will scare you, unsettle you, and draw you along. I’m certain this will. It looks at a brother and sister who have had tragic events happen to them, and these come to haunt them again when they are older.

Out of the Ice – Ann Turner

Okay, this is definitely Wayne’s choice. A thriller set in the artic, which potentially tells some kind of creepy tale about hidden things in the ice. If it is the book that Wayne wants, full of zombies or creatures or something similar, then I may hate it,… If it’s the book I’d prefer, with more human elements, full of atmosphere and odd noises in the distance, then Wayne may hate it. But we’ll see?