My ReadathonbyZoe TBR

I am eagerly getting ready to join in with the ‘Readathon by Zoe – Spooky Edition’ tomorrow. It’s a 24-hour readathon, run by booktuber  ReadbyZoe.

I will be live tweeting my progress through the day here and will be joining in with others who will be talking on Twitter.

This readathon, I’m being extremely ambitious with my TBR, though most of these are shorter books, so hopefully, I will actually get through as many as possible.


  1. Darren Shan – Birth of a Killer
  2. Darren Shan – Ocean of Blood
  3. Ryu Murakami – Piercing
  4. Amy Lukavics – Daughters Unto Devils
  5. Malorie Blackman – The Stuff of Nightmares
  6. Diane Hoh – Prom Date (Point Horror)
  7. R L Stine – Beach House (Point Horror)
  8. R L Stine – The Snowman (Point Horror)
  9. Stephanie Perkins – There’s Someone Inside the House
  10. Garth Nix – The Ragwitch

I have had the Darren Shan books on my to read for a very long time. I really enjoyed his Cirque Du Freak series, but ever since haven’t really dipped back in, so reading about Larten Crepsley should be really enjoyable.  Similarly, I have had The Ragwitch on my shelves for years as well, and Garth Nix always creates such amazing worlds that I cannot wait to actually have time to pick this one up.

As for the point horror… I haven’t read one since I was much younger, and since this is a quick, spooky readathon, they seemed like a perfect fit. I am pretty certain that I read all of these when I was like 14, so these are probably re-reads for me, but it has been so long, and they were always so atmospheric. They kind of gave me my love for horror?

Finally, I picked up ‘There’s Someone Inside The House’ specifically for this book readathon. People have described this as a quick read, and it sounds like a perfect slasher horror style book to get me into the Halloween spirit.

That’s a lot of choices but as always, I may just end up picking up whatever I like. Still, if I read along with everyone else, maybe I can get quite a few books read.

Happy Reading!