My TBR Shelves


Last week I rearranged my library shelves by completed books and to be read.

Not a common thing for me, as I usually arrange by genre, then author. I knew that among my many books, there was, unfortunately, a large amount of to be read that I really needed to get to, and that list was just increasing every time I visited a bookshop or decided that I didn’t have any reading material (reader lies!)
So I moved all the books I have finished into my office, where I can use them for reference and force on unwitting friends who clearly need book recommendations whether they want them or not. I then transferred everything I needed to read to my bedroom on a set of to be read bookcases…. 3 bookcases….

After a quick clear out of those I would have hoarded until the apocalypse – and another book buying trip – I have finally worked my way to 13 shelves of books I just have to read. 250 glorious tomes. It is my mission in the next 2 years to read these books. Goo
dreads goals need to be destroyed for 2018 and 2019. I will finish as many from this TBR as possible! And I will give away whatever I haven’t finished at the end!

One slight issue… we all know I cannot stop buying new books in between. As these need to be read, or, visiting the library. So I’m going to have to lay down some rules here. I can only buy new books that I am definitely going to read immediately because I have to. And for every new book I read, I have to match it by reading one of my older TBR books. And I can’t buy more than 6 at a time… I mean, it just has to be manageable… yes, those rules will work (those rules will never work).
For those interested, a list of my TBR will be on a page on my site, and I will be crossing them off as I work my way through. Accompanying this is a set of images which represent the difficulty of this challenge – or rather – my TBR shelves.

Happy reading!