This blog is intended to be a place that I can write down all my readerly thoughts about the books that I have read, and the bookish items that I acquire.

Why am I writing a blog? Honestly, I just bore the pants off all the people around me, talking at them about the books that I love, that I hate, that I want to buy, or have bought, etc. And although the people around me are incredibly supportive, only one of them is also a reader, and so they generally only get talked at and cannot contribute to the conversation. A blog may seem a one-sided way of having the conversation, but I’m hoping to put my opinion out there, and see if anyone else is around to talk back!

I tried this first a few years ago, using a tumblr (Afternoonlit) but with work and school, I never managed to maintain it. This blog will be different. I am determined that it will be different. There are some reviews on my old blog, and other bookish, academic and writerly things. If you’re interested in checking that out, feel free to follow the link, but I won’t be updating there anymore.

So on this blog, I will post book reviews, reviews of literary paraphernalia, bookish items, discussions literature-related events, and anything else in my life that is to do with books!

I hope you enjoy and feel free to contact me to talk about any of the books/events that I post about here!